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Monday, July 13, 2009

The Big Brother & the New Edition

I think it is wonderful how accepting kids are of a new baby. My son is thrilled and happy to have a baby brother. He wants to hold him, feed, and protect him. Which brings me to the story of the sleep sack monkey.

The sleep sack monkey is like a little overnight bag for kids. Well my mom spent the night, she picked up my sons shorts and put them in the bag. He busted out crying the monkey ate his short shorts. We busted out laughing because he was saying it so funny. She took the shorts out, he immediately wanted to wear them.

So she was handing me the monkey, he yelled out don't let it get my baby! He was protecting his little brother in my arms. So sweet. Don't get me wrong he has had some spells of acting out, but he has been really great big brother.

Meet the Monkey: