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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Goose Creek Enterprises

I was introduced to Goose Creek Enterprises by The Dirty Shirt Blog. It was meant to be.....My son told me he would like a rocking horse for Christmas. I entered the giveaway going on at the Dirty Shirt and won Milo, a handcrafted wooden rocking piggy. Well not exactly a horse, but a pig. No matter it was the highlight gift at my home Christmas morning and the first gift he ran to. Milo has beautiful handcrafted details all the way from his piggy ears to his curly piggy tail. He is adorable and we are so grateful to Goose Creek Enterprises for this little piggy and to The Dirty Shirt for hosting a wonderful review and giveaway.

Goose Creek Heirloom Rockers are just beautiful from handcrafted wood work to fine leather and painted details. It is also great knowing that the rockers are all natural and the paint is also non toxic. From rocking horses to rocking pigs visit Goose Creek and take a look around.

Above the cute little smile like all his dreams have come true & later half a sleep he rocked & rocked. A wonderful memory and Baby brother will enjoy Milo too.

It's this the cutest picture you've seen..I borrowed it from Goose Creek Website.

Personality from each Handmade Goose Creek Heirloom Rockers bring childhood imagination to life with exquisite character & details.