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Monday, April 27, 2009

Did anyone else get Kentucky Grilled Chicken today?

Did anyone else get Kentucky Grilled Chicken today?

This is how our trip went. Today I order a 2piece dark original meal for my husband. Two piece white grilled chicken for myself.

I got my order & asked for the free piece of grilled chicken. The girl looked at me like I was trying to steal. I was informed that I could not get it with a grilled plate. I told her I had original meal & a grilled meal. She brings me a piece.

I get to the car, they did not give me my drinks. I go back in to get it.

I get back to the car, my husband says they gave him grilled chicken too, I said I would go back in to get the original, if he could not just eat it. He ate it.

We should have just got some jerky.

Oh & the pieces have shrunk to the size of quail.


Kelly L said...

I hear your pain... I don't a fast food restaurant has gotten my order right in about 10 years!