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Monday, August 30, 2010

Important Update on the CSN Giveaway

The CSN Stores Giveaway increased!! instead of $35.00 it is $45.00. With the holidays around the corner, that's a nice little bit of pocket change. Especially all the great items you can choose from CSN Stores. Visit the giveaway here:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wubbzy Goes To School

Easing the unknown and uncertainly of preschoolers everywhere with Wubbzy Goes To School. Children are taken on the adventure with their favorite characters as they learn school is not scary and they will have fun. Learning new things and meeting new people along the way.

My son wants to attend school and Wubbzy has fueled that desire even more. Wubbzy serves as a  media icon to children all over the world and inspires their dreams and imagination. By seeing one of their favorite characters paving the way, makes taking that step less scary. Visit for fun printables, recipes and activities to enjoy with your children.

A funny turn of event on who needs school episode, when the teacher walked in. The perfect character to play the part and even Widget admits she could use school. The Magic tricks from Moo Moo the Magician was one of my favor lessons on not giving up and practice.

70 minutes of Wubbtastic Episodes:

  • Who Needs School?

  • Gotta Dance

  • Magic Tricks

  • Wubbzy the Star

  • New Kid on the Block

  • You Gotta Have Art
I recommend Wubbzy Goes To School for preschoolers and youth in general. Wubbzy is child friendly entertainment. To purchase your copy visit and today.


Disclosure: A sample DVD for my families viewing. All opinions are my own.

Giveaway Scout

At the time I first heard about Giveaway Scout, I was so busy. Now taking the time to look over the details.

Upon approval Giveaway Scout scans your blog regularly for giveaways and list them (free). You can also submit your giveaways manually using the giveaway submission form. (Your blog needs to be approved before you can submit giveaways & will list giveaways from that point).

Please note that new giveaways appear about 48 hours after their publish time. The word "Giveaway" must appear in the post title to be picked up by their system.

Simple enough, I'm on my way to sign up at Giveaway Scout.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

$45 CSN Stores Giveaway

CSN Stores is at it again and I'm glad to be Preferred Blogger for my readers and my family as well. I've already found a few great items I have in mind for my holiday shopping. There is always so much to choose from 200 plus stores at CSN Stores.

Are you looking for a new dining table, CSN Stores have some really nice ones perfect for holiday meals. CSN Stores also have Paula Deen & Rachel Ray cookware for preparing that perfect meal.

Right now I have a $45.00 GC for a single one time use for one of my readers.
Contest closes 11:59pm Eastern Sept. 19, 2010
Open US & Canada winner has 5 days to respond to my email
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MUST complete Mandatory Entry. Winner will be chosen by random org. Entries that does not follow the rules will not win.

Mandatory Entry is to visit CSN Stores and tell me what other dining table you love.

Entry should look something like this:

I like the Paula Deen 5 Qt. Cast Iron Covered Oval Casserole @

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Disclosure: Please note this giveaway was presented by CSN Stores & I did not received a product to review. I did not receive any other compensation. All opinions are my own.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun Friendly Follow Friday!

Thanks for stopping by today, I can't wait to follow you back and see your website. While here enter my $25 Giveaway!

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My Wee View

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'I Heart ____' T-Shirt Giveaway from

There is something about Custom T-Shirts that lifts your spirits and makes you happy. When I saw the Big Brother T-Shirts I knew I like it but, it needed a personalized touch to be right for my boys.

It was very easy at to create a Custom T-Shirts. I made an account and explored the all unique abilities of their design tools. Images, text, rotation, resizing, and had fun doing it. Add a picture of your kids, simply upload it to or you could do a I Love T-Shirts. My son already has his next shirt design picked out:)
The toddler shirt was so soft, delicate, cool, and breathable. The youth shirt was soft breathable and quality material. The boys had a fit over them, and tried them on immediately. My one year strutted around showing his off proudly and their daddy thought the shirts were pretty cool.

When visiting our local Lowe's the sales ladies chatted with my boys. The Fiber's custom designed shirts was complimented. Oh they match! Ain't that so cute, they are so cute, and she showed the other lady. Later their granny had a fit over the two looking so stylish.
Contest closes 11:59pm Eastern Sept. 10, 2010
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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Get Money From Shopping!!

My mom called and told me to watch the CBS Early Show this morning. She said I could save money and get money. I usually shop online and compare prices, plus earning money online from purchases add up. In case anyone missed it there are some great tips and you should check it out.

Also see the story of the 9yr boy saving his brother with CPR from drowning.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Going Ons

Sorry to report my mother in law fell and got hurt pretty bad. She had a stroke about 1 1/2 years ago, and recovered very well. She fell after that and hurt her hip, and now this time her rotator cuff.

On a happier note, my husband and I celebrate 12 year anniversary. The children are currently reviewing Wubbzy Goes to School & new shirts from Giveaway to one of my readers for a shirt will be posted this week. In the meantime check out a giveaway at these blogs:

3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires -Scholastic Children's Dictionary
Sweeps 4 Bloggers- Sport-Brella Chair- Giveaway ends September 1, 2010 at 8pm Pacific Time

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Loretta Lynn - One's On The Way

If your a mom you will probably like this song and feel out of it sometimes.

Ready for school issues?

At 3 my son may not be ready for school, but he is ready to be in more social situations with other children.  My son keeps telling me he wants to go to school, so what am I to do? I visited places around that accepted children 3 years old.

The first place was wonderful, I loved the whole set up. There was a fenced in playground, they are actually being taught. I was told before going to kindergartner he would know how to read. The hand so many physical learning activities and mention stimulation studies. I was impressed and tour around the facility. Cost $50 per week, a ready fair price. Hours from 8:00 to 11:30. There is a contract to sign.

Second place I was told they accept 3 year olds and it's $75 per week and I think there was a contract, not sure cause I got a weird feeling entering and speaking with them. So automatically, that place was out. They did not explain what me child would be doing or act like someone I would want to watch my child.

Right now at 3 I want him to have the opportunity to be around children his own age. I don't want to sign a contract, cause he might not be ready or in this economy anything is possible "job loss". So I'm looking for some type of program or group that does not require contracts. I've even considered daycare for the 3 hrs two to three days a week.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So funny! must read! & Friday Following

Let me share this story of a man in my husband family. 88 years with Alzheimer disease, weigh about 95 to 110 Ibs., wearing overalls sitting there at the little fruit stand by his house, he sees something heading toward him. He thought well an animal was hit by a car and is dragging across the road. The animal is in fact an alligator, measuring around 3 1/2 foot. He said it came over and layed next to him, and when he seen it close it's eyes, this little old man beats it with his cane.

His wife and another family member comes home and he tells them they need to drag the gator off he killed. They laugh at him and just figures the Alzheimer disease has kicked in. The joke was on them when they came across the gator layed out. Another man goes with a stick to tap the gator and it jumps at him with it's mouth open.

I'm sure what they did with the gator. I know that is one gator that does not want to mess with that 88 year man with a cane. The man said well when he would spit tobacco it would jump knocking his can and he's give it another whack and it finally it left his can alone, so he thought it had died. His wife told me about it on the phone tonight. She said, the joke was on her she thought he was just talking out of his mind.


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See these monsters!

We saw these monsters in a exhibit at the theme park.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


We have been working on some arts & crafts. First my latest diaper cake. Never to early to begin fall crafts. My son loves any thing arts & craft. So we worked on some cutting & pasting. He wanted to make a bird feeder, so I figured  lets try this. Milk jug, cut opening, and let him paint away to his little heart content. My husband said he seen red birds in it. I found another idea using a pine cone or a tissue roll going to give it a try.

Birth 101 Me

NOTE: it may be a little raw and graphic read at own risk. 

Nothing more special than a baby entering the world, but can the in laws get along? As my cousins first son came into the world today it brought back memories of my own labor experiences.

I can say I suffered during my first child being born, not only from pain. Family interaction played a part too. I began leaking water during the night, I thought I had peed on myself. I was 34 weeks, so it was to soon for labor, and the water didn't stop. We went to the hospital an hour away and they keep me to monitor me.

Staying up all night leaking and not really any one monitoring me, the new nurse arrives saying everything looks ok, so you should get to go home. My husband beat me to telling the nurse, look I leaked all night, did they put it in the chart? She said "No." She left, then came back, examining me, testing, asking questions. She then told me that labor was about to be induced. I went to shaking! Nerves, no sleep, and will the baby be ok? 6 weeks early? Not to mention where was my doctor, he was there and left, did not even check on me.

I was given shots for infection and meds to help start contractions. For the baby they gave me steroids for his lungs. Soon back labor began, and they moved me to a holding room, conveniently to the delivery rooms. I hated it, people could walk back and forth looking at me, a sheet hanging up for privacy. I was cattle in the waiting area, waiting to be slaughter.

Then the family began to arrive, and they brought kids. They talked moved and drove me crazy. I was in so much pain, especially in my back and people talking, kids playing, did not help the pain. I wanted to say everyone out, leave me along, like a mad dog, but I was trying to be nice for everyone.

I layed silent, my mom knew if I didn't open my eyes how bad I was hurting. Nurse came by, I said I want an epidural and plus that would mean everyone would have to get out of the room or area as it was lacking a room.

At some point during this time my husband's blood pressure went sky high, the nurses wanted him to go to the ER. He said no, and we talked him into going to my room to lay down and the nurses said they would come get him when I needed him. He stayed gone for about 20 minute and came back saying he felt better, he lied.

Next, epidural was easing some of the pain and I felt like closing my eyes to rest. No such luck here comes visitors. Then I was moved to the first available delivery room. I asked for some privacy to try to use the bed pan, nurses keep coming in and out finally I was like heck with that. Bet they regretted that later.

So they check (and I hate big handed nurses by the way) and we are at 10. Ready lets go, and go and go. I pushed and pushed, my bp went crazy. Baby heart beat started dropping. Finally the nurse told the doctor do something, he cut me wide open "the big E" and 4 nurses jumped on my belly pushing down when I pushed. It was horrible to say the least, I felt like I was in a butcher shop and I was ready to die. The doctor was out of his head, apparently he can undergone knee that same day. His bed side manner was horrible! I looked at my husband pale white and my mom frozen with fear, but both there to hold my hand.

He was born, there was no sound...... I layed there listening to the nurses working with him and finally as the nurse was trying to suction his mouth he began trying to suck back, she pulled it out and he cried. She said what a spoiled little cry, as she had tears in her eyes too. Everyone was relieved to hear him cry and that he was breathing.

I hardly got a good look as they whisked him away, for x-ray. They thought he had a broke arm from the pushing. I was stitched up and then moved back to a room. I wanted to see him, finally about 4 to 5 hours later I was allowed. I practically ran down the hall, to see my baby.

I was scared to pick him up, so I asked my mom to pick him up for me (He didn't have a broke arm). I was shaky and on meds, but when he was in my arms I held tight to my little one. We left him with the nurses and the next day he was in there wearing shades, cause they had him under a light for jaundice.

We finally got to bring him home and he had to have a lamp here too. Next he had an apnea monitor which helped to save his life. I fought tooth and nail to get it, and begged the doctor for it, I was right to. He did have episodes, nothing scarier than knowing your child stops breathing.

30 minutes after getting home, my home turn in a guest hosting. My in laws came and then invited there own company over, that wasn't even family. I told everyone we want to have the first day to ourselves and my family respected my request. I just want to spend time with my new little family.

This lead up to me flipping out and that is another story & the next birth I take control.  I love hearing your birth stories and next one will not be so long.

Monday, August 16, 2010


The winner of the purse/bag giveaway is comment 22. I will be contacting you shortly.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The winner of the Sanuk Giveaway is number 154. Congrats!! and I will be emailing you shortly.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Last Chance to enter Sanuk Giveaway

Just a reminder today is the last day to enter the Sanuk giveaway. Tomorrow is the last day to enter for the purse/bag giveaway. If anyone know anything about installing Print Workshop, email me. I'm having a night mare on installing it since getting my computer back. The first time I installed everything was so easy, but not so fortunte this time.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Featured Friday 3

I want to give recognition to 3 of my favorite blogs. Each week I will name 3 special sites to visit. These sites contain ladies & gentlemen of wisdom, tips, fun, content and old fashion hospitality.

Following on facebook or twitter also, you will be glad you did.

Mother 2 Mother
3 Boys and a dog
Dexter's Super Savvy Mommy

That's this week 3 can't wait til next weeks Featured Friday 3

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Delivery Questions

As my new cousin came into the world yesterday, it got me thinking of tension with in laws or just relatives in general at the hospital. What is your opinion on the situation? Did you want quite and no one around you? Did relatives disagree causing you stress? Did you enjoy having a big bunch of loving family around? Did you feel in control or out of control?

I was talking to them on the phone yesterday morning and giving my advise. If you don't feel comfortable and your hurting throw who ever you want out! That's what I did. It what ever makes it easier for you and stand up for your self.

The first delivery I had everyone walked all over me and I felt out of control. The second was a different story, my needs came first and I spoke up. A long story so I'm working on a post for it. Going today to see the proud family and new baby, after everyone had some rest. Since, I'm not in the immediate family, I'm giving them some time before I go to welcome the baby and congratulate the family.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- Water Ride

5Minutes For Mom & Go Graham Go, and many more wonderful sites, sign up, and share your Wordless Wednesday.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Catch Up & Giveaway News

I'm trying to comment on every one's comment while my computer was in the shop. Talking to some sponsors for new giveaways and sending in winners information. I'm also trying to reinstall programs on my computer that was removed, camera, video software, photo editing program. So So So Fun....

I realized things a little different since the virus. I have my contest requiring a response from the winner in 48 hours. It took my computer 4 days in the shop, I had no computer access. I used my aunt's Black Berry to check my email and make a quick post. I also realized I have virus phobia now.

In light of the 48 hour contact back I'm pushing it to 5 days unless stated different in contest rules. Thinking that would be reasonable, because life always throws things at us out of our control. Just a couple months ago, there was big blog problems and people could not access their emails or blog for 3 days.

Also the best way for me to follow you back, comment on the most current non contest post, and even leave me your address if possible. I moderate all comments, sometimes I miss some, but I always try to follow back and comment on your post.

Speaking of following and followers, I currently follow over 700 blogs & have 626 great readers following my site, thanks everyone.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Expendables

I like action movies! I can't wait to see The Expendables directed by Sylvester Stallone. I'm thinking Marvel . Anyone else with this many heros?

Here the cast :
Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Eric Roberts, Randy Couture, Steve Austin, David Zayas, Giselle ItiƩ, Terry Crews, Mickey Rourke, Charisma Carpenter, Gary Daniels, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis.


We had a little camp out with the kids. After purchasing a 7X7 tent from Walmart for $19. We cooked hot dogs and made smores. Matt was the little monster in the tent, CC was a little camper man, all business. He had his back pack & 3 flash lights. Things got uncomfortable when it got good and dark. The party was over and as soon as the night creatures began to call out, it was time to head to the house.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Winners!! & I'm back!

How funny my son and computer caught a virus on the same day. My son's virus was very fast and within hours was completely fine. The computer was another story, it got a fake virus and then turns into a real virus.

The fake virus tells the computer is infected and if you even hit to exit, bam! your infected. Even passing my antivirus, so what to do? Do not touch the key board or mouse. Hold the power button or pull the pull is what I was told. It also takes you to their website and says buy protection. Very wrong! Never give your credit card information or you could suffer financial loss also.

I'm back! With 1023 emails, some fantastic reviews & great giveaways to come for my readers. So sorry to all my sponsors and readers for the delays and no communications this week. Now lets catch up and announce some winners!

$50 CSN Store Winner: Tiffany D

Beach Buddies Shell Crafts Winner: Beejax

Inspired Gifts- Dry Erase Board: SolDucky

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I will be back friday. Computer will be out of shop from a virus and my son has a virus. Sorry! I will choose winners then and contact my last winner.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Winner! + Reminder

We have a winner for the AdoramaPix Photo Book, also today is the last day to enter for:

CSN Store $50.00 Giveaway
Creativity for Kids- Beach Buddies Shell Crafts Giveaway