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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Catch Up & Giveaway News

I'm trying to comment on every one's comment while my computer was in the shop. Talking to some sponsors for new giveaways and sending in winners information. I'm also trying to reinstall programs on my computer that was removed, camera, video software, photo editing program. So So So Fun....

I realized things a little different since the virus. I have my contest requiring a response from the winner in 48 hours. It took my computer 4 days in the shop, I had no computer access. I used my aunt's Black Berry to check my email and make a quick post. I also realized I have virus phobia now.

In light of the 48 hour contact back I'm pushing it to 5 days unless stated different in contest rules. Thinking that would be reasonable, because life always throws things at us out of our control. Just a couple months ago, there was big blog problems and people could not access their emails or blog for 3 days.

Also the best way for me to follow you back, comment on the most current non contest post, and even leave me your address if possible. I moderate all comments, sometimes I miss some, but I always try to follow back and comment on your post.

Speaking of following and followers, I currently follow over 700 blogs & have 626 great readers following my site, thanks everyone.


Anonymous said...

That is very nice of your to extend the time frame. I have had to put my computer in the shop 2 times, so I am very virus phobia too! I am very nervous that something should happen and I miss a winning email. I have even gone so far as to plan(in my head) a trip to the library to check email if something happens to my computer! LOL

Andrea Kruse said...

Sorry to hear about your computer issues! I always hate that.

I have missed a winning email or two before and really appreciate the confirmation extension. We have had power go out and also lost internet service for almost 3 days. It was painful. Lol.

Life Is A SandCastle said...

Exactly, you never know with sick children, power outage, computer virus or anything life throws your way.

Veronica Lee said...

I go loco when I can't go online!

Have a nice day!