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Friday, August 6, 2010

Winners!! & I'm back!

How funny my son and computer caught a virus on the same day. My son's virus was very fast and within hours was completely fine. The computer was another story, it got a fake virus and then turns into a real virus.

The fake virus tells the computer is infected and if you even hit to exit, bam! your infected. Even passing my antivirus, so what to do? Do not touch the key board or mouse. Hold the power button or pull the pull is what I was told. It also takes you to their website and says buy protection. Very wrong! Never give your credit card information or you could suffer financial loss also.

I'm back! With 1023 emails, some fantastic reviews & great giveaways to come for my readers. So sorry to all my sponsors and readers for the delays and no communications this week. Now lets catch up and announce some winners!

$50 CSN Store Winner: Tiffany D

Beach Buddies Shell Crafts Winner: Beejax

Inspired Gifts- Dry Erase Board: SolDucky


Amo said...

So glad your son got better so quickly!!

karenmed409 said...

congrats to the Winners!!

Anonymous said...

Glad all your viruses are gone now! We had gotten that same virus before and had to have a computer taken down and built back up.

Congratulations to all the winners! : )

Life Is A SandCastle said...

So glad to have it back, I was kinda lost without it.