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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ready for school issues?

At 3 my son may not be ready for school, but he is ready to be in more social situations with other children.  My son keeps telling me he wants to go to school, so what am I to do? I visited places around that accepted children 3 years old.

The first place was wonderful, I loved the whole set up. There was a fenced in playground, they are actually being taught. I was told before going to kindergartner he would know how to read. The hand so many physical learning activities and mention stimulation studies. I was impressed and tour around the facility. Cost $50 per week, a ready fair price. Hours from 8:00 to 11:30. There is a contract to sign.

Second place I was told they accept 3 year olds and it's $75 per week and I think there was a contract, not sure cause I got a weird feeling entering and speaking with them. So automatically, that place was out. They did not explain what me child would be doing or act like someone I would want to watch my child.

Right now at 3 I want him to have the opportunity to be around children his own age. I don't want to sign a contract, cause he might not be ready or in this economy anything is possible "job loss". So I'm looking for some type of program or group that does not require contracts. I've even considered daycare for the 3 hrs two to three days a week.