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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Me Finder Show & Tell

While looking for ideas to help protect my children I came across Me Finder Show & Tell. The me Finder is a digital wristband to help lost children. 5 phone number can be programmed in it. Best to use mobile numbers first, since most times losing children happen during over populated destinations and shopping. Teach your child to show a safe adult and tell them to call mommy, daddy, or anyone listed in the wristband.
The Me Finder Show & Tell is a genius product to help young children. It is also not limited to young children, but also can benefit children with disabilities or adults suffering from Alzheimer's. My cousin has autism and it would be a benefit for him to have a Me Finder wristband.

Programing the Me Finder wristband was very easy, just follow instructions. Instruction leaflet and YouTube video to assistance with programming. It fits securely; however it can be a little hard to get on & off. That is a good things children can not get it off easily. Overall a true great product. It uses a LR54 1.5V battery. Full alphabet to fill in the contact names. The Me Finder ships worldwide with free P&P.

I'm really excited over the Me Finder and happy to share it with other moms and dads.

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