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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weekend McDonald's & Family Reunion

It been a busy weekend, took the kids to a McDonald promotion and a family reunion. We tried the McDonald's McCafé Frozen Strawberry Lemonade, the weather was HOT, and it was good. They had games outside for the children to play, face painting, and the kids could win a toy or a happy meal. What surprised my son most of all was meeting Ronald McDonald.
My son wanted in that chair and the lady in charge told him to go ahead. Ronald McDonald found him in his chair and the lady said he looks famous. We waited for our photo to be printed, watched some magic tricks, and went back out to the games. 

All of a sudden a old man driving a red car drove right over the cone and came though where the games were being held. I saw it an yelled watch out, by then I saw the look on the old man face as he rushed through, he looked scared. When he reached the other end, he realized it was blocked and turned and came back through. Parents was guarding their children, the car was going slower and left the area. The old lady on the other side looked scared too and from the right front bumper of their car, they hit something with it besides a cone.

Saturday we attended a family reunion and I thought well if the world ends today at least I spent the day with family. So, I ended up eating way too much deserts. Who worries about weight if the world is ending right? Today I guess I will get some exercise in:)

Disclosure: Just sharing my weekend.


Terra Heck said...

That would've been scarey with the car incident. How cool that the kids got to see Ronald McDonald.