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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The First Day Of School PreK & 1st Grade

We made it through the first day of school with no tears. I didn't know how my Pre-K baby would do, but he was happy and liked it. I felt so bad cause there was little ones with tears streaming their faces and again today. My 1st grader was smiling and talking to all the teachers going down the hall and they were calling him by name. He is so friendly and happy.

To me coming home to this quiet house is unreal. I lined all the phones up in a row and watch them, no call from the teacher. I'm off balance and feel lost right now. I smothered them with hugs and all my attention when they got home yesterday.


Ashley S said...

Awww so cute!

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

My daughter is getting ready to Pre-k and I am on pins and needles. I'm so used to having her here to talk my head off, play with her brother and help out with random stuff during the day. Our apartment is definitely going to be a lot quieter and a little bit lonely without her during the day.