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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Spy Gear - Panosphere & Spike Mic Launcher

We were sent more fun play from Spin Master, links in this post will link to sponsors page so you can find more information about these great items mentioned. This Gear is for the spy enthusiastic kid in the house. 2 great products Spy Gear Panosphere & Spy Gear Spike Mic Launcher your little 007 secret agent may capture more than you want them to know. Especially at this time of the year with Santa is visiting. My boys are listen to our conversations and watching to learn what presents they will get this year. It's tough keeping things secret and now even more so.

Their plan to catch either Santa or the Elf On the Shelf in the house. They want to set up the Spy Gear Panosphere to keep watch of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve and catch Santa bringing toys. They also want to listen with Spy Gear Spike Mic Launcher to see if they hear anything while they are in bed. Just see the the image below I pulled from the camera. We are all in trouble here the spy cam takes some pretty good images to be so small. The spike mic sound quality was clear. Yes, the kids love these toys.

The thing I love most is that the camera, it has a rechargeable battery and is charged with the USB Transfer Port that is included. Connect to your computer when you want to recover the pics. & video. Open the file on your computer. The camera takes 1 photo per second and you  can switch to video.

The only issue is the kids and the suction cup shooting the mic, they don't have a great aim and it works best on flat smooth surfaces. Other than that we tried up to 40 ft away and could hear good. Using good batteries is key.

The question this year is: Will Santa and the Elves make it through the house without being caught by this fantastic spy gear?

Panosphere 360 Spy Cam

Capture it all with the advanced technology of the Panosphere 360 Spy Cam! The Panosphere is capable of recording in every direction at once. Its amazing 360° panoramic video recording ensures you don’t miss a thing. Take 2000+ photos or 10 minutes of video in 720p! With 3 ways to play you decide how you’re going to record: slide it, stick it, or strap it. Each attachment gives the Panosphere a new way to remain undetected. The included video editing software lets you explore your footage, make edits, and upload to social media networks. Gear up with the all-seeing Panosphere 360 Spy Cam from Spy Gear!

Spike Mic Launcher

Get the latest in high-tech Spy Gear! The Spike Mic Launcher is a remote listening device delivering super spy audio surveillance. The Spike Mic dart has a built in microphone with two unique interchangeable tips: Sticky Dart and Suction Cup. Just fire, stick, and listen. With a live audio feed you’ll remain undetected as you hear conversations happening in far away locations. Plug in using the headphone jack (headphones sold separately) for stealth listening. Launch it or stick it to a wall as you gear up with the Spy Gear Spike Mic Launcher!


VickieC said...

my older grandsons would love this,they love anything that is about spying

Robin Wilson said...

This looks like a lot of fun! It may be for kids, but I can assure that my grown son and husband would be the ones taking this toy over!