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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A New Day Came

Today is the 2 year anniversary since my mom heard that awful word Cancer. We wasn't even promised the next day, she was so sick. She said, ''I feel so blessed to be with the babies & you." We sit on the patio & had ice cream together yesterday. I'm so proud of my mom. We are so blessed each ordinary day just to have each other. 

A new day came and my mom is doing good, she has regular scans and blood work. She is on top of her health and we pray to never hear that ugly word again. My mom's focus is family and that is what keeps her strong. Thanks everyone for all the prayers and thoughts.


Christy Garrett Parenting Tips said...

Awww, we just found out a little over a week ago that my mother in law has stage one breast cancer. In fact, she just had surgery yesterday and the dr confirmed that it hasn't spread to her lymph nodes which is a good sign. Thank you for sharing your mom's story.