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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Homemade Teacher Appreciation Gift

After seeing Giggles Galore pin I knew we could do this project, but with school themed colors for my boys teachers. We decided for my sons male teacher to replace with candy instead of flowers. 

Topping the arrangements a flower picture of the kids. I simply made a photo on a flower and sent it to Walmarts to be printed. I was upset to see they zoomed in and didn't leave the photos the way I had them with the whole flower to show. I had planned to trim out the flower and use. They even replaced with 4X6 true prints with smaller photos. Not at all what I ordered. Anyhow with time up and needing the topper I used what we got.
We made the bows and glued paper school mascot to them. Staking them with plastic knife and holding the photos with a plastic fork. We hung the same photo thank you picture to the candy dish. The boys carried them into school and the teachers loved them. It was really an easy to do teacher appreciation gift and the boys like making it.