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Monday, November 17, 2014

Elf, Tractors, & Some Depression

I'm taking in the days and visiting my family more. Trying to spend time with people around me. Funny what lessons death can bring you. I have to admit I'm feeling quite depressed and sad. Seems, I keep hearing bad news and dreading the future rushing in so fast. I turned around from the death in the family at the end of October and now it is the middle of November. Life is moving too fast.

This weekend we had to disguise the turkey, last year we disguised it as Santa. I was so tempted to pull the old one out and send it in. Then my seven year said mom let do The Elf on the Shelf. I swear he is the biggest elf fan in the whole world. (He has a plush one, the lunch box, books, and blankets with the elf.) The project was a blessing, we had fun working on it together.

This is how the boys spent their Saturday afternoon. The youngest decided he was ready to come home. When I went back 4 hours later my oldest was in the drivers seat and Pa said he was doing an awesome job. He was proud as a peacock and smiling ear to ear. (He's wondering how much he is getting paid. Ha! Child Labor) We wrapped up the weekend reading and playing board games.

Love these pics.


LaVonne said...

I am sorry you are feeling depressed and sad. This can be a difficult time of year too. But I love your Elf picture and the kids on tractors is great. Hugs and prayers to you!

VickieC said...

sometimes it helps to just talk ,,I know 2 yrs ago my little brother died from cancer and I thought I would die too,,its still hard ,we were very close and I ended up getting some grief counseling,which helped me cope better,still have the pain but not as hopeless ,,talking did help,,ill keep you in my prayers sweetie