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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Tubal Ligation, We decided two boys are all we need. Plus the problem with my breast I do not want to take the chance that they could grow back. I planned my tubal for August 31, 7:30 am. I went to do all the blood work and the consultation with the doctor. You have to have the papers signed 30 days in advance, no problem mine were signed in March. On the 30th I had second thoughts, I just felt bad about it.

The day of surgery the 31st, I had a bad night of sleep, I kept thinking about it. I headed to the hospital with my aunt. I go through admissions this time fast cause I preregistered. I headed to surgery, I walked into the surgical prep and recovery room, there's the beds, the feelings get worse.

The nurse hands my a gown and takes me to the changing room, I'm talking to her as I slide my shoe off. I freeze, I tell her it does not feel right. I talked to three supportive nurses. I leave the hospital still intact and feeling great about my decision.

My body did not feel up to it after the baby and the breast reduction surgery. I felt I have taken too much time from my kids healing, and I just wanted to hold my children. Not going under again, because I just had a bad feeling.

We don't plan no more children, but I don't want to totally go sterile. I also feel it is important that I listen to that little voice in my head (yeah I'm hearing voices) my conscious and I listen to my body.

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