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Monday, February 22, 2010

Do you have a nickname?

Growing it seems everyone in my family had nicknames compliments of my grandaddy. What was my nickname from him? ~Birdie~ He said when I was little I puckered my lips out like a little bird waiting for food. The strange nicknames he gave some others family members "Jack, Pee Wee, and one of my favorite Ham Bone." He was Jolly and Happy, everyone loved him.

Well he was not the only person who gave me a nickname. My uncle calls me Baby Deer, my aunt calls me Jenny, and my mom calls me Bunny. I was just wondering about if any of y'all have any funny, cool, or embarrassing nicknames to share?

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Mayra said...

Thanks for following. I'm now following as well. =D

I love the nickname Birdie. =) Mine is Lis, short for my 2nd name Elisa. No one calls me by my real name. hehehe

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

Yes, I do have a nickname. I am called Happy Feet in a small group of my friends. There is a story that goes with it and I will be making it into a post soon,lol

Unknown said...

Yes, my dad called me "coot" or "cooter" after the florida cooter turtle. My step-grandfather said I crawled around on the floor like a turtle. LOL

KatieBug said...

Yes Yes Yes.....At the time I had no idea why they called me certain names but here they are

katie bar the door

katie did --- I think this is an insect!! lol

and of course katiebug ;)

KatieBug said...

Following you back by the way cute blog ;)

dawn hild said...

I'm returning the Friday Follow favor -
Thanks for following me...
dawn hild

Latsyrc728 said...

following you back from Friday Follow! : )

Brodie said...

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