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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Women in the Boat #1

I'm going to tell Y'all some fishing tales some so funny & some scary, just thing I've seen, did, loved, & hated. Oh and a few pics along the way. I'll be spacing them out but, will link them on my side bar. I hope y'all will like stories like the couch potatoe gator, your butt is wide "I think your pregnant", snake in a tree, that's no man in a boat it's a pregnant women, on and on.

We got a boat back in 2006, my husband had us up at the crack of day light the next day to try it out. I had never been in a boat at the river. I had been to ponds in a boat. We didn't have no boat trailer so he puts the 12 ft boat in the back of the truck and lays the 5 hp motor in side it. We unload and head out, it's beautiful early in the morning when there is a April Chill in the air, foam floating on the water, and nature waking for the day. It makes you feel refreshed, at peace, and alive.

See then we did not have children, we were free to run up and down the river. Daylight til dark except on work days. I'm hoping my children will enjoy the simple beauty of the river and breathing fresh air, the birds singing, the sun rising on the water and I could go on and on. I say women get in a boat and take it in.


Kinsey said...

I love spending the day on the boat. It's so relaxing!!

Peggy said...

I am looking foward to reading your boating tales:)

Chelsey said...

Our family went out in our inflatable boats this year. You can't fish from them, but it's still fun and relaxing!