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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Women in the Boat #3

Skipping ahead in some fishing stories to get this experience out. The fishing pond below my old home place and where my parents live. Get this some sorry person threw a needle out and my 3 year old son and mom found it....

What could have been in that thing, could it be contaminated, who in their right mine would throw one out anyways. Dispose properly, so I come to this conclusion. It must be a drug needle, because I just don't see someone in their right mind throwing their needle out where kids could get it.

Seriously this makes me so sad, it was the last place I would have ever expect this. I guess no where is safe anymore. A side from that we had a nice afternoon fishing, oh and my son and I caught the most white perch "sorry to my husband" :) Got to love grandma & pa for helping with the boys.


Kinsey said...

Ugh, that's scary finding a needle.

Glad to hear you caught a fish!

le Chef said...

It's too bad you ran into that. We've used those times to talk about where they came from, what happens to people using them, and how it made us feel finding it. Talking to the kids early has made a difference I think. It hasn't stopped them from everything, but it certainly helped.