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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woman in the Boat #4

Just never doubt what is is the water around you. My husband and I was heading up river to a honey hole we found. What's a honey hole "lots of fish in one area." We were talking an laughing and about that time he pointed his finger out to the Cliff. There lounged out was a couch potato. Why say couch potato? Cause it was the brightest gator we had both ever seen and to call it a gator was underestimating how big it was. This gator was around 16 foot long and fat.

I was shocked to see something that big laid on the side, like it was lounging ever so comfortable. It laid there with no concern of us and guess what? Our honey hole was across from it. Looks like it was his honey hole too. My husband pulls right on in and starts fishing. I'm there with my rod, looking over my right shoulder.

About 10 minutes goes by. My husband asks "are you OK? cause you haven't said a word. What is it? are you afraid that gator going to come get you? Laughing!!" Well yes, I was scared! I admit it! That gator would have no problem taking on our 12 ft boat. The boat was smaller than him and I've heard stories about gators being aggessive. Well as it turn out, the fish was barely biting, and we decided to go back down river. The couch potato had slipped back into the water and was out of sight. "NOT OUT OF MIND."

We get to the next fishing area and my husband says, "what a big gator, and named it couch potato." I've seen a few gators, but nothing like that before. To be honest my toes will not be back in the unknown water.


Kinsey said...

I would have been out of there in two seconds!! OMG, that's scary.

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