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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Mega Bloks Mommy Parties

Thanks to Mommy Parties, Mom Select & Mega Bloks, we had the opportunity to host a Halloween Mega Bloks Party. Children dressed up, played games, built with Mega Bloks, and dined on some great treats. See as some children keep checking out the display table.

A great game alternative to bobbing for apples is bobbing for Mega Blocks, which worked out good for the little ones and worked right into theme. While the children enjoyed building with Mega Bloks, The adults discussed products and looked through the MEGA 2010 Catalogues.

The other parents had the same misconception of Mega that I had, just blocks. Don't get me wrong cause bloks are fun entertainment for children. We were all just blown away at the products & characters Mega offers. Some characters include Dora, Diego, Iron Man and more.

We discovered the CAT Construction Vehicles to the working Thomas Railways. One dad mentioned he didn't even realize Magnext is a MEGA product. This party was an eye opener for all us parents and we have more insight on Mega Products.
I know our party guest were very interest in the Play'n Go Table the children played with. Parents asked questions about prices and where to buy. They loved to see their children interested in building with MEGA Bloks.

We discussed the the durability of the Mega Bloks, and all agreed they are the toys we preferred. Ready to play with, quality built, easily washed, and versatile for children to play with of all ages. The children seemed to enjoy playing with the Mega Bloks.

The aftermath, there was plenty of left over food and MEGA Happy children parting with Mega Buses, Ships, Tractors, & a Pirate Ship. The party was informative and I think there are some eager parents to find some of these wonderful products for the holiday shopping. I have my eyes on some of the Mega Iron Man gear for my oldest son.
The Mega Bloks 25 Birthday Bags Contest is underway from 10/1/2010 til 11/30/2010. Look in side specially marked Mega Bloks Bags to get your game piece. There will be one Grand Prize of $25,000 & 25 secondary prize winners. Also, enter Mega Bloks online contest to win 1 of 25 Mega Bloks gift pack.
Disclosure: BSM Media, Mommy Parties & Mega supplied gifts & giveaway for the children and products for me to keep for hosting.


Samantha said...

wait, and I wasn't invited? what??? looks like so much fun! I love the car-blocks! my son would flip for them. the kids in my pre-k would, too....JEALOUS!!!!

Night Owl Mama said...

what a great way to spread the word on some fun and wonderful products. Looks like a great party. Fun Fun Fun

I can't believe I miss it.

Liz Mays said...

I wanna play with those! They look so fun!

won said...

Looks like fun! I always loved this kind of activity with my children.

Terra Heck said...

I didn't know they offered so many products either. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all.