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Thursday, December 9, 2010

$99.99 Trademark Global Harley Style Child Battery Operated Motorcycle

Update: skip this, goes to slow for even my 1 1/2 yr, not worth it. Spend more and get a name brand and 12volt.

So excited I just order a Trademark Global Harley Style Child Battery Operated Motorcycle for my son and it is a great deal at $99.99 from CSN Stores. No fighting the crowds early in the morning. No way in the world I thought I would run across this deal. See when I was first looking it was out of stock. I signed up at CSN Store to be alerted when it becomes available. Just the other day I got the email, back in stock! my other option was this New Star My Police Battery-Powered Ride-On Motorcycle @ $59.99 right now out of stock.
I used a  gift code to CSN Stores I won from a contest and then paid the rest with my visa card. I now have it shipped to my mom's house, so Santa can surprise my 3 year old. My one year is getting a motorcycle for his age too. I look forward to those little eyes and smiles.

Also, an update on the kitchen, it is purchased and tucked away for Christmas too. I went with a cheap model, in case they don't care for it, but I think they will. Especially my little chef. Just had to share the deal on the motorcycle with everyone, in case this fits your budget.

Disclosure: Just sharing and nothing was received.