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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Feet (Soft Slippers)

Keeping feet happy and cozy from the cool winter frost is fun when you are wearing Happy Feet Slippers. Happy Feet, are the cutest slippers with favorite teams and animals inspired designs. A perfect gift for all ages and styles to suit everyone.

I know my son especially loves them and thinks they are so cool. Let me tell you my first impression out of the box, "they are going to be too big." I order a small according to his foot size, but I thought I had made the mistake ordering a size to big. No mistake and they fit. It was all the cushion in them. I like that they fit snug around his feet with room to grow in size. The pair we reviewed has a shoe string on the front. It is sewn in but, them you have to tie it.
Happy Feet slippers soles are thick with padding and then the tops are plush and very soft. I wondered if he could walk easily with them and he did, so that means the did not affect his ability to walk. The thickness is a plus in the cold winter months to keep feet toasty and warm. They bring cheer and a taste of personality to the recipient and would bring big smiles to someone if you had them under the tree this year.

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