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Sunday, June 12, 2011

It's open & Gifts for Dad

Well it hit me a few minutes ago when I was looking at Prizey and saw the contest still open. I drew a winner to early for the Olee Gift Card. It is still going, so sorry for the confusion. So many things going on and dead tired, oops! We all make mistakes sometimes.

The good news, I was looking for a few gifts my dad & husband may like for Father's Day when I found my mistake. Perhaps you may be interested in these giveaways also.

Linksys E4200 Maximum Performance Dual-Band Router. Perfect for Father's Day! ARV $180!  at Busy Working Mama 6/18 * Mommy of Two Little Monkeys 6/24 *

Laughing Lindsay Video Camera for Family Movie Night Field of Vision 6/23

battery-powered desktop mini digital photo frame powered by two Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries Busy Working Mama 6/15

125 anniversary Channellock tool roll @ ThriftyChicMom  6/20 * Mommy PR 6/20 * Blommi 6/17

Yummy! Want to win a $20 Chili's Gift Card? Here are 173 giveaways to win one list at 2 wired 2 Tired. Hurry looks like a lot end 6/12.

Sharp 3D Blu-Ray Player ($249) #giveaway @myweeview & @mychaos for the Father’s Day Event Canada

$50 gift code for Redenvelope Simple Reviews

$25 Gift Card to Applebee's! @Shining 2 Save Ends 6/17  

$25 GC Applebee's 3 Princes and a Princess 2   6/16

$50 Gift Certificate from RedEnvelope Outnumbered Mama

$50 Gift Certificate from RedEnvelope Happy Families

All of these are at Mom Start *5 Piece Channellock Tool Set  *Video Camera for Family Movie Night Field of Vision  *Win a FishEyes Rod & Reel w/ Underwater Video Camera & LCD Screen   *iPad 2 or 50.00 American Express Gift Card

Robyn's Online World* Family movie night video camera 6/17 * Ipad 2 7/31 * Craftman tool set ends 6/15

Father’s Day Gift from Things Remembered She Scribes

$50 Gift Certificate from RedEnvelope Mom Cocktails ends 6/14


karenmed409 said...

thank you for suggestions.. and hey we all have a those days, no big deal! I totally understand.
Hugs, Karen