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Monday, August 15, 2011

IWave Cube Smallest Portable Microwave

The days of family and business trips without the luxuries of home has passed with inventions like the IWave Cube. Taking your microwave with you has become easier with the smallest microwave in the world. The IWave Cube has a carrying handle, settings are also located on the top. Some settings are already programed in the top for popcorn, coffee, and heat pack, etc.. It has a little light inside and the cooking timer is low sounding, which is a great feature for an office or nursery.

When first seeing the IWave Cube I thought it would be perfect for my father. Farming, there's not many food stops or home cooking near by. Many times he just skips lunch. Some of the fields he works in has an power source and he can use the IWave Cube to get a warm meal, quickly, and then be back to work fast. Especially in the winter when they work cotton they are in the field till 1:00 am and I mean it is freezing weather. How perfect to heat up with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Small enough to stay in the tractor or truck:)

It is missing a turn table for even cooking on large items, you will have to rotate package or stir for even heating. It takes a little longer than tradition microwaves but, all in all it does a great job heating. Below you can see it's size compared to the KFC bucket. The bucket will not fit inside of the IWave Cube. This portable microwave actually measures 10.5"W x 10"D x 12"H
Heating cavity is .3 cubic feet (8"W x 8"D x 6"H) 600 watts, and weighs 12 pounds.
Where size matters the IWave Cube World's Smallest Portable Microwave makes a great addition.
Long-haul tractors with a sleeper
Recreational vehicle (RV)
In-truck inverter power for appliances Semi-Tractor Truck Living
Even in the field farming
College Dorms
So much more uses!!!
"Founded in 2004, iCubed International, LLC, is driven by the opportunity to invent, the luxury to imagine and the need to innovate. "

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