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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

$250 Contest PennySaverUSA

PennySaverUSA Share a Memory; Make a Buck Essay Contest. Send a short essay (250 words or less) by 1/30/2012 about a memory from 2011 that defined your year, for a chance to win $250.

Disclosure: Just sharing:)


Sara Lehman said...

Thanks for the linky!

Leah O. said...

Thanks! I just entered. Here is my memory if you'd like to read it.

For years I had put off the idea of being a writer because I did not have a degree in literature and I was scared of rejection. I was working a job I didn’t like that bored me so. Then suddenly and unexpectedly my best friend died. The grief was tremendous A few months after that I broke my ankle and could hardly do anything but lay in bed for two months. Once my ankle healed and my mood lifted I started going through memory boxes dating back to my teenage years. I had so many plans and dreams. I let them all go to the wayside. I decided that right now was the time for me stop being afraid, to stop letting my low self esteem stop me from being happy. So I started work on my book.

By November I was ready to publish. I used self publishing because the new me does not wait around for a large publishing house to accept my work. The book debuted to wonderful reviews from not just family and friends, but people I never even met.

Holding that book in my hands gave me such a feeling of accomplishment and happiness. I could not put the book down nor could anything bring me down. I no longer daydreamed about living a life that would make me happier. I am living it.