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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Classy & Stylish Good Fortunes @thestep2company

I was approving posts and noticed Tricia post about Good Fortunes and thought I just got a Good Fortune Giant Fortune Cookie. Could she be talking about the same thing? I had my cookie and have not opened it, scratching my head about it's surprise arrival and chalked it up to the orders I'd made from 1-800-Baskets as a thank you or something on the Chinese New Year the day before.

 So busy with appointments I set it aside until her post. As I message Tricia and open the package I read a great fortune from the fortune cookie. I was welcomed to the 2012 Step2 Test Drive Mom Blogger Program!!

Talk about a classy and stylish way to welcome moms & families into their program. Step2 knew how to make this mom smile today. I can't wait to share more Step2 products and information with everyone. Until then have a great weekend.

Disclosure: sharing my fortune cookie, .


Tricia said...

woo whooo Congratulations. Step 2 really went above and beyond welcoming Moms to the program and showing appreciation. I can't wait to hear more on the program

Samantha said...

how great for you!

PoniLinda said...

Looks yummy