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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles Giveaway & Review

With my two boys, I know there will be messy play. I can tell you colored bubbles are nowhere as mess as their mud pit in the backyard and color bubbles are 100 times easier to wash off. Ways to ensure no clothing damage dark around the house clothes for sure. I had on a white shirt and it washed out. We got to try out the Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles 3 Pack and a Bubble Launcher.

It happened to be cold when our bubbles arrived and my sons have no patience. We headed outside wrapped up, first we tried the bubble launcher and it didn't produce bubbles as fast as they could blow them. I was impressed that it had a handle turn to make bubbles, which save on batteries. I must say it didn't make them that fast, kept clogging, and the kids wanted bubbles flying everywhere (FAST). They grabbed the wands and did what kids do best, have fun. I had them to stick the bubbles in this little trashcan I'd just bought in case of spills, so they wouldn't lose their bubble mix and it helped it from tipping over.

So happen my mom stopped in during this time and was dodging the boys, they chased her with bubbles. It was messy and one hint of advice make sure you open the plastic on the bubble packs all the way. Your hands will be so slippery and hard to remove extra plastic later.

This week with much better weather, in school clothes~! we did some video using the Crayola Colored Bubbles. It washed out, the rain washed the porch clean & the bucket, and color bubbles aren't so bad.

Simple tips that make playing with Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles and cleaning up, even more awesome and enjoyable for both kids and moms.

Dress for Mess. Wear washable play clothes and shoes. It’s best to not wear suede, leather or any other material that can’t be washed.
Play Outside. An open grassy area is best away from new concrete, decks and porous surfaces like marble. Don’t use at formal events like weddings.
Rub skin to remove color.
Launder clothes promptly with water and detergent. Repeat washing may be needed.
Hose off outdoor surfaces like sidewalks and driveways to wash away color. 

"Disclosure:  The Crayola Outdoor Colored Bubbles product information and gift packs have been provided by Crayola through MyBlogSpark."

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Susan said...

I have a grandson that is going to be 3 on April 1st and I know he would love this. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win :)

Jenn Spencer said...

Thanks for the chance! :)

Jenn from How to Make Bows out of Ribbon

mverno said...

i like the glow book

Jessica said...

Thanks so much for the giveaway!

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