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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Will You Eat Green Eggs & Ham?

In honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday tomorrow we will be having green eggs and ham. As a matter of fact we had some yesterday and my son made them. We where talking about what was going on at school so, I told him when he came home we would make green eggs.

He had forgot all about it and I said, "didn't I make you a promise?" He went to smiling. What a thrill for him to cook in the kitchen with me. He mixed in the green food coloring and mixed the eggs. I let him give it a stir in the pan and then he spread green coloring over a piece of ham. A very quick and fun. So, Friday night my son will prepare Green Eggs and Ham for dinner for his brother and dad. He's laughing and an excited about our plans. Will You Eat Green Eggs & Ham?


Susan Cook said...

Yes, I would - sam I am. - lol.

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