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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sad 10 Bucks A Rabbit

Riding under the red light there was a terrible site to see. A cage full of little rabbits roasting in the hot sun "upper 90's". On the other side there where 3 men sitting in the shade with a fan blowing to keep them cool. I told my mom if their still there when I come back by in 10 minute, I would pull up and move them.

We came back sure enough, maybe the men didn't do it on purpose but, forget the shade of a tree will move after the sun moves. I pulled up and got my son out, we told them we were worried about the rabbits sitting in the hot sun. I asked to move them and I really didn't listen to the answer as we proceed to do just that. I heard the man say we've been wetting them down. Sad! 

Poor little thing was so hot & was shivering. They had water and food, I don't know if the water was cool. The next day I rode by and the rabbits was under a shelter too. Not out in the boiling sun. They knew that they done wrong. I will be watching and this is not the end.

What makes me sad is how long has this been going on? How many people rode right on by and didn't give it another thought? If they did think it was bad why didn't they take 2 minutes to try to fix it?


Unknown said...

God Bless you for helping those poor bunnies.

jenzen69 said...

I thought this was a children's story and I was intrigued. It's true and that makes me sad. You are a very talented writer

jamie braun said...

good for you! what a special lesson you taught your son that day