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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stuffed Green Bell Peppers Recipe

Stuffed Green Bell Peppers 

1 pound ground beef 

1/2 onion 
1 green onion 
2 medium peeled chopped tomatos 
3 tablespoon ketchup 
2 tablespoon Heniz 57 sauce 
1 can tomato soup 
1 cup grated cheese 
1 cup cooked rice 
4 medium bell peppers

Brown ground beef add salt & pepper with 1/2 onion & 1 green onion.

Mix in peeled chopped tomatoes, 3 tablespoon ketchup, 2 tablespoon Heniz 57 sauce, 1 cup cooked rice, 3/4 cup cheese.

Clean & boil 4 medium bell peppers for about 5minutes, drain & add to baking dish.

Added mixture in the peppers, spoon 1 can tomato soup over, & top with the 1/4cup cheese.

Cover with Foil and bake 350 for 45 minutes.


Painted By Number Wall Murals said...

Painted by murals said ya nice really life is a sand castel

Anonymous said...

Yum! Stuffed peppers are one of my favorite meals!

Painted By Number Wall Murals said...

Painted by murals said that cute pics are very nice

Nancy R said...

One of my favorite dishes and the hubs loves it too! Appreciate the recipe!

jenzen69 said...

I never liked these when my mom made these as a kid but I love them now

slehan said...

I always like to try different versions of this. Looks good to me.

Jennifer Young said...

This sounds great! I LOVE stuffed peppers and I've really been wanting to try to make them. Thanks for the recipe!

Robin O said...

I tried making stuffed peppers once and they were terrible. This looks more promising--I will try it out.