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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oral Surgery & Wisdom Teeth

I thought I was going crazy with my face hurting on the right side. In my temple all the way down under my chin. I was on the verge of thinking yep now I'm about to have a stroke. That was until I felt with my tongue something in the back of my gum. It was a tooth!! It hit me a Wisdom Tooth.

Had a dentist appointment for a cleaning and made through infection with antibiotics from the strep throat. I met with the oral surgeon's office today for the X-rays and she said I must be in terrible pain after showing me the x-rays. Looks like I will be having oral surgery very soon. Hope my husbands' insurance works out covering this, waiting on a call back.


ShellyH said...


I feel your pain girl! I had my wisdom teeth out about 10 years ago due to them being impacted. At that time I learned that I had TMJ. Then 5 years ago the face pain came back to the point I wanted to just die. I finally went to see a neuro surgeon (instead of my oral surgeon) and learned that I also had Trigeminal Neuralgia which is very painful. The nerves in my checks and face have went nuts! I then underwent neurosurgery (gammo knife radiation) to try to kill those face nerves with radiation. While that helped some, it didn't completely kill the pain. Now they are recommending that I get all teeth removed & go to dentures so that they can use the gammo knife and a conventional surgical knife to go in there and sever the trigeminal nerves. I am not sure if I am going to do that yet, but I can tell you, I can't take the severe facial pain much longer.

I also learned that my morphine does very little for oral & face pain and doc just changed me to dualdid...if that helps, I might put off the losing of the teeth. Ugh, what a nightmare!

I hope you feel better soon because dental, oral and face pain is the absolute worse! I would rather undergo another hysterectomy than deal with this crap!


VickieC said...

that must be horrible,I had a tooth extracted an then it got infected an it was the worse pain ever,,I thought my head would explode,so praying for only the best for you sweetie

Lexiquin said...

oh, I feel sorry for you! My 15yo son had his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. They didn't need to come out yet; however, he needed to have a biopsy to determine the source of his sinus problems and the oral surgeon said they could do it when the took out his wisdom teeth--so, my husband decided to do it that way. anyway, my son sings a lot more when he's medicated. Hope you get better soon!
p.s. I had my wisdom teeth pulled almost 40 years ago. I had been very sick before they were pulled and I just remember that I got better after ;) How's that for being optimistic?

jamie braun said...

ive never had my wisdom teeth pulled.. ive been lucky. ive heard of others getting infected

bmom76 said...

Tooth pain is terrible. When mine came in I was sure it was an earache and went to the doctor. It will be all right just make sure to irrigate and keep it clean and eat soft food.
chelsea r

Melanie Stewart said...

hope you can get it taken care of soon. I've had all of mine out.. the bottom two were taken out as standard protocol. My top two were left in and I was told I would probably never need them removed because they were so high up in my sinuses. Wrongo! I also have TMJ so it took a minute to figure out it was the teeth causing my pain. Boy I wish I would have had all 4 out at once instead of just the two.