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Monday, July 22, 2013

Kit Cat Klock Original Moving Eye & Tail Clock

 My family was sent the coolest way to keep time. Links in this post will take you over to see the sponsor’s website so you can check out these lively colorful clocks.

Clocks that grab attention are so cool. I remember watching a movie from years ago and the clock in the movie was a cat clock. Catching my attention the most, the eyes and tail moved. Years later I looked around and found the Kit Cat Klock. These clocks are so interesting and fun for all ages, grabbing my kid’s attention and memorizing them.
Opening the back of the clock up I added two C batteries, attached the tail. I got it up on the wall and everything balanced up, tail and eyes began moving. It’s been a little while and everyone who enters my kitchen, wants to know where I got that clock.  I Just LOVE our KIT CAT KLOCK.
I learned the Kit Cat Klock have been around since the 1930 during the depression. These adorable clocks are made in the USA. Kit Cat Klock are available in a variety of fun colors, to match every colorful personality and room decor, with the sweet Gentlemen and Lady Clocks.

With over 80 years in business, these cats know where it's at :) Check out their social media sites:
Disclosure: Sponsor sent my family a product to review and share our honest opinion. No other compensation was received.