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Monday, October 14, 2013

Easy Craft Milk Jug Witches #2

 A while back I posted the half gallon milk jug witch my boys made, today we made the gallon milk jug witches. We took the easier approach with these and bought witch hats from the store for around $2 bucks and the great thing about these, they had hair attached to them already. One had green hair and one had gray hair. This is a super easy project to create with the kids.
All you need:
milk jug
green tissue paper
glue & water mixed
black permanent marker
googly eyes or draw them
hot glue

Mix glue and water together, a little thicker glue. Add to jug then wrap tissue paper. Let dry & glue hats, eye, and draw the face. EASY EASY EASY!! Hardest part is waiting for tissue paper & glue to dry.


Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families said...

This is a cute idea and a great way to recycle a few milk cartons. Thank you for sharing.