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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ticket Blaster @chuckecheese #RipItSipItWinIt

We celebrated the best Family Valentine's Day together at Chuck E. Cheese. It was the day my children's wishes & dreams came true. My children have been dealing with illness, my oldest strep was resistant to antibiotics. At home along sick on his B-day he dreamed of having a party at Chuck E. Cheese and a chance in the fascinating ticket blaster. It would be hard to get friends and family to the location since it's about 2 1/2 hour drive away.

My husband & I planned a surprise visit on Valentine's Day and Chuck E. Cheese helped his dream come true. Little brother & him got in to the ticket blaster. They said it was the best day ever. Chuck E. Cheese thank you for this dream come true and every memory made that day for our family.
The children was excited to play #RipItSipItWinIt we won tickets. Our family visits Chuck E. Cheese every chance we can to have family fun.

See the boys in the Ticket Blaster

Disclosure: Chuck E. Cheese provide my boys with a Ticket Blaster experience. No other compensation was received. Our family sharing a family fun day.


Terra Heck said...

So glad your kids had fun! I've taken my kids to Chuck E. Cheese a few times when they were younger and they always had a good time.

Raymon said...

We are taken our kids to Chuck E. Cheese tonight. With c a coupon from the weekly paper we are going to save a ton of money and the kids love it.