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Monday, July 14, 2014

#MYBELLALIFE Bella 6.5 QT Slow Cooker Searing Pot

Meal time is becoming easier and easier. Let me explain that I was sent a Belle Slow Cooker to review, and have been spending more time with my family instead of cooking, so to speak. The slow cooker is handling the work for me. Honestly with heat index hitting 115 degrees the stove and oven is one thing you don't want going if you can help it. I'm not heating up my home using the Bella Slow Cooker and the meals are juicy, hot, and fresh. 
How many times have you had family projects like cleaning the yards, going fishing, or swimming. To come in to the dreaded phrase "WHAT ARE WE GONNA EAT", boom it all falls back on mom. Tired you try to put together a wholesome meal and everyone is waiting. I've learned it doesn't have to be that way, have it ready when your ready.
 I'm now a slow cooker fan, the last one I had was unusually slow for a slow cooker and the meat hard like a brick. Not with the Bella Slow Cooker food is done faster, it is tender and flavorful. The Gasket seal really makes the difference, I believe. The meat has fallen apart and very tender.
This massive 6.5 QT. Aluminum pot allows you to brown and sear meat adding rich flavor if you choose. Programmed cooking time from 30 mins. to 20 hours, for falling apart tender meat. This is one of the easiest smart slower cookers, using auto-program. According to food using the preset button allows user to navigate cooking temperature & time. 
Looking to carrying this Slow Cooker on the go, your not going to be weighed down. It's light weight and has handles on the outside of the main unit, unlike traditional crock pots that are heavy. Beautiful stainless steel housing that shines. The sides of the cooker gets hot. Gasket seals with locking lid with hinged tempered glass lid opening. Make sure when opening this lid your opening with arm behind lid. The steam rises hot out of the front and can burn. Save yourself a burn and open from behind. Use  wooden or plastic utensils to prevent scratching the aluminum pot. It comes apart easily for clean up and the lid and pot can go into the dishwasher or cleaned gently with sponge or cloth.
Traditional meals and deserts can be made to Perfection. Yes I said deserts too, I made a Peach Cobbler in it!! I use one of my favorite simple Peach Cobbler recipes, cooking for 4 hours on low, and stole my husbands heart again.
Already a fan & owner of a BELLA High Power Juicer, I was happy to be included in the opportunity to review & learn more about the Bella 6.5 QT Slow Cooker Searing Pot. Very nice strong & smart products from Bella, making dinner more scrumptious. Looking forward to cooking with more Bella Housewares products.

Disclosure: Sharing my honest opinions. Bella supplied product to my family to conduct our review. No other compensation was received. 


clc408 said...

I have been wanting a slow cooker for a long time. I'll have to check this one out.

Unknown said...

I've always wanted to try peach cobbler in my crock pot. after reading this post, i need a new crockpot and need to try this recipe. thanks for posting this! :)

VickieC said...

that looks like such a good one,so I could use this