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Friday, July 4, 2014

Poison Myself, Missed the Linky

Can you guess who's dumb butt sprayed the dog for fleas and probably poison herself. Sore throat for 3 days, then fever, chills, sick, dizzy, nasty other stuff. I made it to the doctor he said he thought it may be viral infection take ibuprofen and gave me a numbing mouth rinse for my horrible sore throat. I took the strep test, normal. All my other blood work came back normal.

There was nothing normal, now I'm sure the poor dog does not need this on him either, he seems fine. I'm pretty certain I poisoned myself. It's over a week later and I'm still sick and sore throat did not go away and still have swollen neck glands. Going to have to go back to the doctor. I can't keep up like this. Came to my attention today I didn't even post the scheduled giveaway linky this week. Sorry hopefully will be well soon.


Robin Wilson said...

I sure hope you are better by now! I think the meds for fleas are're living (I sure hope) proof! I hate using the drops, the sprays and even the shampoo! I can only imagine what it does to my poor dog, but I can't have a house full of fleas so I give in. Now though she is on a once a month pill that works great! It's $20 a dose but she only needs it about 3 months so I use it.