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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

MUST READ: Facebook Answers

I don't ask you to post to the facebook wall for entry, but I did ask you to like the sponsor and my self for entry into a giveaway. Not so bad "just giving a little nod, yeah I like y'all and thanks for the chance to win." Well according to the article in Babble from 5 Minutes For Moms, are you scared to mess with facebook? Heck Yeah!! It took a long time to gain friendships and I don't want to lose them.

They were sharing this from Melanie's Blogging Basics 101. Melanie has now confirmed what many bloggers did not want to hear from facebook that she was right. So you better read up. That it for me and that's a wrap on facebook, you will not see any entry here that has to do with facebook. Thanks, ladies for clearing that up.


Sheila said...

I read that too and have made sure that going forward, none of our giveaways mention "liking" anything on FB. I mentioned this via email to one of the big bloggers a few days ago and she still has not got back to me. I think she chooses to ignore Facebook's rules, but I am not chancing it.

Sheila from Showcase Sisters