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Saturday, October 22, 2011

#LeapFrogParty was Hopping!! & LeapPad Wowed

The LeapPad is the must have toy for the Holiday Season!! With that said while purchasing it buy the AC adapter for home use and rechargeable batteries for on the go. It will save you time later because it will be used that much.

On Sept 27, the Leap Pad from Leap Frog arrived and I put it up till I had a minute to look it over with my son. The next day my son was home from school with strep throat and I also had it, we cuddled up and begin exploring the Leap Pad. WOW!! this little kids toy holds bundles of activites. No waste of money here this product is a cover it all product. A library of 100+ cartridge games, apps, digital books, videos and flash cards (sold separately) and it works with all Leapster Explorer games and apps.

First he had to explore the camera & video apps with 5" touch screen. My own little photographer and video maniac. We created personalized backgrounds & photos while adding our names. I adore the vocabulary lesson and the letter tracing. Games, book download, pet center, drawing center. My son loves the drawing center and his artwork has taken off with it.

Unfortunately, the device could not be connect before the party for me to get apps. It's was programed to reset, so I didn't want that to happen. Apps cost $19.99 and I can't wait for my son to try Alphabet Stew, he loves to practice spelling. The LeapPad is not just a toy it's a learning tool, with age appropriate lessons and games wrapped up just the way children like it. It ranks number 1 on my Christmas list for children and probably explains why my local Walmart has devoted an entire shelf with LeapPads on it.

After getting familiar with the products it was time to share with our guests at our Learn, Share, Create Party. Once the children got a hold of the LeapPad, they were in the zone so to speak. Moms tested it too and watched their children use it. It was very popular, no doubt. The children also enjoyed playing with the Leap Frog Interactive Map, Tag Books & Tag Pen. We printed frog mask for our guest to color. We also had activity sheets, coloring pages, and guests carried coupons home with them provided by sponsor.

Party Gusts were served a variety of special treats including Swamp Juice, Frog Cupcakes, Insect Cookies, Logs and Frog Egg Marshmallows. Can't forget popcorn, it makes you hop better. Frog on a log cupcake tops the cake with grass, water, Lily Pads. Printable frogs adorn the drink cups.
We retreated out side to give the little frogs some jumping room. We had frog hop races a short legged frog race & a long jump frog race. Played Frog in the pen and then we even played LeapFrog. The adults had to do it too, I may have to share that video. While winding up the play the children jumped on the trampoline and showed their best frog impersonations. Guest left happy and hoppy with special party favors I purchased for each of them. Our #LeapFrogParty was Hopping!! & LeapPad Wowed.

Disclosure: I was supplied with LeapFrog products to keep while participating in Mommy Parties in order to host and share with party guests. All opinions are my own.


Tricia said...

I loved reading about your party and loved those little froggy cup cakes too. My boys both love the leapPad as well.

Samantha said...

omg, i am so ooooo oooo jelly! i want to be invited, LOL. the cupcakes are adorable as well :)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this review! I honestly had no idea this product existed and have purchased it to be shipped out to us in Germany for our 4-year-old son for Christmas! After he's finished he can pass it along to DS3 :) Too bad they didn't have this when DD10 was younger :)

Kids Party World said...

Such a cute idea! My kids loved Leap Frog... it combines learning and fun. I love the cupcakes... ADORABLE!