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Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Lazy Elf on the Shelf

So it seems we have a lazy Elf on the Shelf here, named Snowflake. Son ask, "momma why doesn't he move around like the elf we have at school? Replied he doesn't like travel that much and doesn't like strange places, plus your little brother scares him, so he is trying to stay in a safe place. As Christmas is closer, he is moving more & more.

Big brother understands his little brother wants to get that elf. Does the elf watching make them behave any better, only for the oldest some. Little brother is just little brother and really don't care, he's going to do it anyways:)


Crystal said...

We have an Elf Magic Elf. My daughter was really into seeing what kind of crazy things she would do around the house at night but for the past week or so she seems to have lost interest. It did help keep her "in line" but my older boys just laugh at me when I tell them the Elf is listening....boys ;-) I think next year I will wait a t little further into the season before having the Elf come back.
Still a fun tradition though.