Life is like a sandcastle something beautiful here for awhile & then gone, but the impression it makes on others can last forever.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011 Story “If my appliance could talk” said Tell us your best “If my appliance could talk” story! I choose the topic if my appliance could talk because of the fact our appliances does do the talking for us. From the clean clothes we wear to the heavenly or not so heavenly dish we share with others.
See our refrigerator (by the way a GE) shares our families photos, kids drawings on the outside and it does so much more in the inside protecting my family from food born illness keeping temperatures their best. My refrigerator would say after ten years it is used more than any other appliance in the house, it never gets turned off, and it seal is wearing out. My boys have used it for learning magnetic number cards, swing on the doors when they were little, and hanging their favorite art work and sometimes the fridge disappears under that art work.

My stove (also a GE by the way) speaks volumes. For the past 10 years it has brought food to our table to share family meals together. It prepared the nutritional meals I feed myself during my pregnancies and has since nourished my growing toddler boys. Making cookies for Santa with my kids and cakes for birthdays, and making memories. Every meal I set on Holiday tables, my guest hear my appliances talk. My stove will not remind people of my first turkey, (I left the insides in), only show how my know how and cooking skills have improved.

The clothing pairing of my washer & dryer say I send my family dressed in clean good smelling clothes. We know that appearance matter and my appliance speak that they work hard.  Providing cleaning for past 10 years to my now almost 5 year and 2 year, my husband and myself. Everyone knows what messes two boys can make. My dryer was recently replaced with a new model.

I just had to share the story of when my mom and dad got a new refridgerator, when I about 4 yrs old. They were taking the old green one out and I cried and cried. I didn't want it to leave, my mom said it took me about a day to get over. I remembered that I felt so sad and do recall that day.

So, see they do talk. Our appliances say they live their lifespans with us co-working to keep our family in a healthy balance without having to blink an eye away from family time. They would probably say I'm to depending on them to do their job. The less you have to worry about a proper working appliance the more time you have to concentrate on the important thing family and sometimes sleep.

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