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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Educational Insights Grandma's Trunk & Play Foam Review & Giveaway

Nothing makes my son smile more than playing games. He also does not like to lose but, has accepted it with games. The things I like about the Educational Insights Grandma's Trunk Alphabet Game is you don't have to lose. It's not a traditional game and you can get as creative as possible and many people or few people can play. Beautiful colored cards, fun learning and riddles is packed in to Grandma's Trunk.

 All though I did not have enough children around to test all the games on the instructions, we played several different versions. I first read the clue cards and my son guess the item I was talking about. Later he did the same, except he can't read so he made up his own clues. This help advance his critical thinking, descriptive details that they will be looking for on his Kindergarten test. While he already knows his ABC's, practicing them can not hurt so I had him to put the cards in order from A to Z, then had him tell me another item each letter begins with, instead of the picture on the card.
One of the next games we played was I had him only pack food cards for grandma, them clothing, then house items, etc. That helped him recognize items for specific uses. When we did the story of what grandma packed with the cards "shuffled & mixed", he had to tell the story from the cards drawn. No matter how mixed up, he had to think of how to incorporate that item in to his story. Yes the story did get a little crazy but, his creativity came alive and he told a story. This was his favorite game so far.

Not only did we get to play around with the grandma trunk game. We got to get creative with some play foam. It is not as messy as it sounds and it's not that sticky. It's kind of like making rice crispy treats without the "sticky sticky." Very easy to clean up. Some had glitter in it. My son mixed it and said he was making a pizza.
Rules: Win Education Insights Grandma's Trunk Alphabet Game & Play Foam, US entry, 48 hr. Disclosure: Samples was sent for my honest review as a Education Insights Mom. All opinions are my own.

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