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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sick Children & Panic Meningitis

I carried both sick boys to the doctor. Here was the symptoms.

Youngest child, fever, cough, running nose, holding ear. He was diagnosed with a cold and ear infection, given antibiotics & cough meds.

Oldest child was up during the night sounded like he had the whooping cough it was so loud, stuffy nose, and said his ear hurt too. He was diagnosed with upper respiratory infection and given cough meds.

So I think we are on the fast track to healing then my oldest son tells my mom his neck is hurting. This would not have been so bad except someone from our community died the day before from meningitis. He was not in town at the time but, it puts the fear into you. I went on mom panic alert. Took everything for me not grabbing him up and running to the ER. My mom calmed me down and said he'd been doing somersaults and he slept sitting up the night before with the cold, just watch. It was at bed time and he went to sleep. I was up most of the night checking on him and the night before.

He wakes the next morning and his stomach is hurting, he then vomits. After that he seems ok and he can move his neck all around. He just didn't have no appetite yesterday. It must be the cold & virus. So it's bedtime again and he is running a fever 100.6. I gave him meds and the fever stayed down all night. I'm waiting to see how today is going to go. I never knew how much my mom worried until I had my own children. 

Update: He is doing great today, guessing the fever came from the virus. No neck problems either. Cough clearing up. Youngest is hyper and doing great today.


tannawings said...

I would have went buggy too with a meningitis case around too!

Hope your little ones get feeling better and the medicine gets the bugs out!

won said...

Don't mess with this. I'd tell anyone if they even had a sliver of a thought that it was meningitis, to get to the hospital.

My daughter had meningitis. I am here to tell you how very quickly it went from ill to desperate.

Better to go to hospital and have nothing wrong than to second guess it and wait and find out that was the wrong approach. This is not something to mess around with.

Anonymous said...

Don't take a chance with this disease. I lost my 20 year old son, not knowing that a vaccine could have saved his life. Too many kids are still getting sick, too many kids are still dying. Please be aware of the CDC recommendations - routine vax at age 11-12, a booster dose 5 years later. Visit the National Meningitis Association for more info. If you suspect meningitis, seek medical attention immediately.