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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines for School & Sweetheart Display

 I'd decided we would not do the usual class valentine cards, that everyone else would be doing. My son really likes what we decided on. I saw slap bracelets at Oriental Trading and the little gift boxes in red and ordered them. While at the Dollar Store I picked up rose pens and heart shape glitter foam pieces.

I have to admit I was wondering how I was going to display the Valentines neat and tidy when I took them to school. Then I saw a cute idea at Sparkly Blonde YouTube page that would make the gifts look great on display and I can use it for cupcakes later too.

So the next day I picked up plastic heart plates at WalMart for 98 cents and I already own plenty candle holders. I actually used 3 of the same size plates. The gift boxes, we hot glued the heart shape glitter foam pieces to them, and he wrote from him. I wrapped in gift basket wrap and stuck the rose pens to the side. Then the project came together and topped with a rose. The rose pens are for grown ups on his school list.