Life is like a sandcastle something beautiful here for awhile & then gone, but the impression it makes on others can last forever.

Monday, May 14, 2012

News & Updates

Friday was very exciting, my son sung a song at the PreK program and got a completion certificate. My mom had her lung cancer surgery and spent the night in ICU. I couldn't be with her, the doctor told me with us having the stomach thing not to come to visit until we are completely over it. My mom told me to go record her grand baby's performance so she can see it.

The day before surgery we did visit mom, everyone wore face masks and stayed outside. No touching I told the kids, first thing the baby did was hung her leg and pucker his lips out for a big kiss. I wish I had a picture.

My son did great singing and stood there so proud smiling at me. After the performance the school had rented water slides for the children to play on and all the kids had a blast. When it was time to go home, I was telling my son it's official now your a Kindergartner!! My phone rang, I pulled the car over and got out to talk to the Surgeon.

The Surgeon said my mom did excellent. He explained to me about the cancer he removed and said if it had got any bigger he would have had to remove a rib to get it out. You know I loved her doctor, he took care of my mom, he had the best personality and was easy to talk to. I have to say my mom got some of the best doctors and caring nurses.

I had one of the best Mother's Day this weekend just by hugging my kids and being able to talk to my mom on the phone.