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Monday, August 27, 2012

Disaster Can Strike: Is Your Home Prepared?

With a tropical storm coming my mom and I was talking about the solar lights I'd purchased for the front porch. She was saying it may be wise to get more and bring them in if the lights go out. A better option than candles around the children. That what I did last year lighting pumpkins and paper ghost lanterns, we saved batteries, money, safer for the kids.

I then got this email from UL and had to share and refresh our home preparedness plan for an emergency.

In many areas across the country, this time of year can bring fierce storms and high winds, including hurricanes with winds in excess of 110mph. That's why UL, a global safety organization, has created the UL Home Safety Planning Guide to help keep your family safe. Ask yourself these questions:

What items should I keep in an emergency kit to protect my family if we're stranded?
Where should my family meet if we're not together during a disaster?
Who will be my family's emergency contact to call if we're separated?

Click to find out


Sharon Wang said...

Thanks so much! We were evacuated for a couple of weeks during a fire and I've since been wanting to be more prepared in case something like that happens again. Now I have a list of things I need to do!

Heather Jones said...

I hope you weren't in the wake of Hurricane Isaac. That is a great idea with the lawn lights. We have some ourselves, but we don't live in an area like that. We can get some pretty awesome monsoon storms though, but usually power is restored within a couple hours.

Janet W. said...

Those are all great questions and important things to think about. We need to really sit down and figure out the answers so we feel more prepared if anything was to happen.