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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pillsbury Baguette Chips #MyBlogSpark

New Pillsbury Baguette Chips! These hearty chips are sliced from oven baked bread and topped with savory seasonings bringing flavors like Italian Cheese & Herb and Cheddar Sun-dried Tomato to gourmet snack chips.

Enjoy Pillsbury Baguette Chips alone, with your favorite dip, as a soup topping, or to add some crunch to your salad! With 130 calories per serving (21 baguette chips), and 50% less fat than regular potato chips*, Pillsbury Baguette Chips are delicious snack chips that you can feel good about eating! See for yourself by going to to download a printable coupon to save $0.75 off one package.

*Pillsbury Baguette Chips (5g fat per 29g serving); regular potato chips (11g fat per 29g serving). See nutrition information for sodium content.

Disclosure: Sharing information & coupon received from Pillsbury through MyBlogSpark.


Anonymous said...

I would love to try the Box of Reese´s Puffs cereal muffins

Janet W. said...

I would love to try these! I love that they have 50% less fat than regular potato chips.

jamie braun said...

i just tried these for the first time last week! super good!