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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Children Book Suggestions

This is a favorite picture of mine, my mom reading to the boys.

We've been doing extra reading at home working on our Reading Counts list and just plain having a good time enjoying books. My 3 year is now interested in books where before he wouldn't sit still. My 5 year old always loved being read to and would hang to every word.

To tell the truth I was getting worried by my 3 year lack of reading interest, but relived to see him participating in story time more. Their favorite stories are Curious George stories, Clifford the Big Red Dog stories, and love Peter Pan.

What's a favorite story of your little one? I'm looking for suggestions when we go to check out books.


The Studio said...

Here are a couple of suggestions....
How to Babysit a Grandpa the authors last name is Reagan
It is a how-to book written from the perspective of a little boy.
I stink- about a garbage truck and it has an alphabet theme in the middle. Very cute
Duck at the Door
Down by the cool of the pool
Hope these help!
Thanks for coming by my blog.
Mrs. Bacon

Marysa said...

Is he into any particular characters? You could always find books that have TV characters in them (Curious George, Diego, etc).
We like Goodnight Moon, but there are other theme ones - like Goodnight Beach, which my kids love since we visited the beach this summer.
How about lift-the-flap books? There are some cute Little People books that are great for learning, or other ones.
Also if there are any holidays or events coming up, you could find books in those themes - for example Goodnight Goon for Halloween, or Christmas books. If he started preschool recently, you can find books about that.
Good luck!

XmasDolly said...

Why don't you try the golden books or disney books? All children like those. When I was a kid (& now I'm a big kid cuz I still like them) is Grimms Fairy tales. I love mythology such as Pegasus.

Janet W. said...

My grandson loves this board book we have called "I Took the Moon for a Walk".