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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Safees Life Saving Reflective Gear


Back to school can be dangerous as children make their way to bus stops or ride their bikes. A new product to keep your family showing up shiny in dark conditions is a product called Safees. The stylish & life saving reflective gear in the shape of cats, dogs, skull & bones, owls, hearts bears and more in different colors. 

I believe Safees will be an ideal must have item this Halloween. Look for an up coming giveaway but, right now readers enjoy 15% off with code 'Safeesbacktoschool2012'. Safees are very easy to use just clip on and go. 

Without a reflector, walking on dark roads, cars can see you first when they are within 25-300 feet of you. At a speed even as low as 30 miles per hour they won't have a chance to stop in time.

By wearing a high quality Safees reflector you increase your visibility by anything from 300 to 700 percent. This means that by wearing a Safees a driver can see you over three times as far away. With a reflector you can be seen as far away as 950-1000 feet.

Wearing a Safees will reduce your risk of being hit by traffic in the dark by many times. MUST WATCH VIDEO:)

Safees is celebrating its US launch with a 'Back to School' Super Sweepstakes and Discount Bonanza! Safees are fun, colorful pedestrian traffic safety reflectors that increase your visibility in traffic by up to 500%, reducing your risk of getting hurt in an accident as much as ten times. Everyone who enters the Safees giveaway gets 15-30% off everything at and is entered to win up to 60 Safees! That's a whole lot of Safees - at least one for everyone in you child's class, for your friends at work or a whole drawer full for yourself! Enter here: "Safees pedestrian reflectors saves lives."

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