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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Allergy Sticks OUCH!

So my son has allergies no doubt before the test, but in the beginning of the test he went to crying with his head hurting his back went crazy immediately. It had him in a fit, Itchy & Benadryl up he was grouchy yesterday.

Curious if anyone can tell me their experience with allergy shots. I don't want it to be a life long thing and heard in 3 yrs you can quit them. I've also heard of people having to stay on them longer.

Grasses was the worst for him, then dust mites. He is already taking Claritin & Flonase, and if it was not for them we would be in a worse mess.


Unknown said...

My daughter is on year two of shots. She has tree pollen allergies which have crossed over to oral-allergy syndrome which means most raw fruits and veggies cause her to have a reaction (itching and scratch throat, hoarse voice). In the beginning it was tough but the Zyrtec really helped. She has had two episodes where they had to give her an epi-pen. Overall her season tree allergies have gotten much better but her oral allergies have not changed. She is 17 years old. I hope this helps.

June M. said...

I did take allergy shots and they really helped me a lot. I only took them for about a year, but they lasted me for a while. They are actually easy to do, you only use insulin syringes (which are small) and I know my dr let me do them at home after the first shot from each new bottle. A trick to them though is to warm it before injecting, it helps to sting less. After drawing it into the syringe, rub the syringe between your hands for a couple of minutes to warm up the medication.

Janet W. said...

I've had it done before, but they went up my arm. It was so hard to not sit there and scratch all the bumps!

Amy Orvin said...

Oh my gosh... That looks so painful.

brich2222 said...

I have only heard of this test before where they test you for multiple allergens. Looks like it is uncomfortable to say the least. At least you will be able to figure out the offending allergen and minimize it.