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Monday, December 24, 2012

Hickory Farms Home For the Holidays

My family looks forward to our own little tradition passed down through the years from my grandfather. We spend time together tasting yummy Hickory Farms, it brings us together and we share a moment in time that will not be forgotten. I know I have not forgotten the times spent with my family from years ago sharing a perfect celebration and enjoying Hickory Farms.

Cheese with flavors that excited your taste buds and sausage together with crackers, brings smiles to my family's face and warms our heart. The taste of perfection. We live in the moment and remember the past. If you haven't had a Hickory Farms Holiday, it's the perfect time to start. The Home for the Holidays Gift Box is the ultimate gift box. My boys are fans of the sweet turkey sausage while my husband and I most prefer the classic beef sausage. The assortment of 7 cheeses is one hundred percent out of this world. You will enjoy the meat and cheese on flavored crackers with pineapple mustard or sweet hot mustard.
Time is catching up with the holidays and New Year's is near, and Hickory Farms would be perfect for that celebration too. I've seen Hickory Farms locally on the shelf at the stores or you can order online at their website and even get a Hickory Farms Gift Card. The gifts cards are perfect choice for gift giving and everyone can choose their favorite gift box. Have a warm Christmas and begin a Hickory Farms Tradition.

Disclosure: Sponsor provide a product for my family to use. All opinions are mine own and other views may be different from that of my own.

2 comments: said...

I just got a package from there from a friend. I loved it.

jamie braun said...

omg, i loooove their cheese logs! I remember going to my grandparents as a kid and they always had hickory farms cheese logs!